• The Inquiries*...

    7 questions - heal your life!

    A self-administered method for discovery, consciousness and presence.

    The Inquiries* embody the life's work (so far) of

    Spiritual Teacher, Business Guide and Messenger,

    George Peter Kansas

  • "If you sincerely desire to heal your past, discover your divine self and be fully present to your most authentic possibilities... Ask better questions!"


    #1) What do I see?

    #2) What do I feel?

    #3) What do I believe?

    #4) What can I do?


    #5) What just happened?

    #6) Where did I "go"?

    #7) Who can I be?

  • Why The Inquiries*?

    Without mechanical, surgical or neuro-supressive narcotic intervention, a REFLEX cannot be changed.


    A HABIT can be!


    The difference is biologic. It's the way your nervous system works. The Inquiries help you capitalize on your biology.


    Would you rather each day of your life be a meditation and celebration of the present...

    or a regurgitation of your past?



  • The Inquiries*

    Bringing the moment to life - through your past,

    without regard to the future, delivering you to the present...

    (where ALL the opportunity is)


    The Inquiries* are the result of 30 years of coaching, supporting and advising - at the highest and deepest levels - professional and amateur athletes, business and spiritual leaders, and performing artists in the business, physical, emotional and spiritual arts of high-consciousness. Anyone can use The Inquiries* to build the habits of self-awareness and the strength to choose intentional, conscious, and healthy responses to life's inevitable challenges - all the time! YOU can begin TODAY!

  • "I found a portion of an inspiring email that you sent me about a year ago and it helped me tremendously, maybe I'm meant to share this for someone else since it came back into my attention and maybe I'm being reminded to reread this for myself. Either way...

    "All of our bodies die. Whether we die fully invested in a legacy, thoroughly exhausted and deeply gratified or whether we die frustrated, unfulfilled and disappointed, however, is entirely up to us!"

    Julie N. - Greenfield Center, NY

    The Inquiries*, as created by George P. Kansas, is both a proprietary system of self-discovery and self-empowerment and

    a trademark of Leadership Motivation, LLC.

    It is used by Amazing International with permission.